Mary Cassatt

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When Mary Cassatt told her father that she would be an artist, he had a fit (see my drawing). But she did it anyway. She went to Paris without her parents.

Mary Cassatt made a painting that got into the Salon. It was called: ‘On the Balcony’.

Mary thought that the Salon rules were stupid. The rules were like:

1. Make really big drawings.

2. Paint important scenes like battles.

3. Don’t let any brush stroke show.

4. Use dark colours.

Bah, stupid! Mary thought different and she became an Impressionist. Impressionists used big brush stokes and broke all the rules of the Salon.

Casette was accepted with joy!

The Impressionists liked painting normal things, like people working. The Salon hated that.

Mary once made a self-portrait. You can see the freshness of her dress and big brush strokes.

There is nothing in the background. The painting is called ‘Portrait of an Artist’.

Of all artists Mary like Degas.

Before Mary died she burned all the letters of Degas. Why?

Were they in love? Eeewwwww!!!

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